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M’Baye AVELLINO-MURCIA 57-63 After 7 consecutive wins between league and cup stops the Sidigas strip leaking to the big Paladelmauro group a match against the league leaders Murcia. - Manifesto


M’Baye AVELLINO-MURCIA 57-63 After 7 consecutive wins between league and cup stops the Sidigas strip leaking to the big Paladelmauro group a match against the league leaders Murcia.

I watch movies and TV series. The latest: Suits, Elite, Riverdale, The House of Paper and Baby, cute. April, when it begins the preparation, is the period detox from the screen. “He enjoys traveling.” that’s the thing I do best and I like most: I love discovering new cultures, countries, ways of life. last year I was in Brazil, I loved seeing what life there is different from Europe.

I was in Boston, New York, Mexico, Thailand … This year I’d like to go to Cuba. ” Lisa Vittozzi in action. sporting passions? “I am supporter of Juve. I hope it’s a good year for the Champions, luck permitting, account, so maybe I can fly to Madrid for the final.

It will be difficult, but I acconterei a race at the Juventus Stadium: there are never I was, now that there is Cristiano have to go. ” Do other sports? “I love the mountains, I find a place of peace, where to stay on top alone half an hour: I often go between Sappada and Valcomelico. And I really like the bike, I discovered a few years and we always go as often as I like so much: I go to Misurina, Cortina, Dobbiaco, or to Comeglians and Ravascletto, in the Zoncolan. ” It has a very strong bond with his family. “We live together again, but my older sister of three years.

In addition to her I have a brother and a sister of 15 to 10 who are very attached, like a mommy given the age difference. And I’m very attached to my mom , on the wrist I tattooed his date of birth: I have always lived alone with her, not with my dad, we always gave everything. ” It is engaged to Marco: It is early to think about a family of her own? “Think I’ve often thought about it, I like children a lot, surely there will be, but expect a bit ‘, I’m still young.

I hope to continue this career a little more’. And do things by halves – have a child, stop and resume – I do not like. ” Lisa Vittozzi. As you take care of herself? “I’ve always been very easy, I must not always be perfect, are as they are.

I go to the beautician and I care, but for myself. At trick yes, I want: maybe waterproof, the races have a face that’s better cover. .. And I always had a passion for nails: in high school changed my nail polish every two days, but the gel that lasts a month is the invention of the century, I can not help it.

I like to dress well, I have my style, but not crazy for fashion. ” We are used to seeing her with the gun in his hand can be seen on the catwalk? “As a young man I thought about it, but perhaps I would be too shy to do it, and it would be an even more rigid life than I do as an athlete. My dream has always been to be one of the Victoria’s Secret models, who are very sexy and they have a reason : those who parade did not tell me anything, instead they make do ‘wow’. ” THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV A time to popular athletes proposed a calendar, today maybe a reality.

Would you do that? “I would not, even if I always looked at every possible imaginable reality. Indeed, perhaps one yes: Beijing Express with my teammate Thomas Bormolini, you both like to travel.” Giuseppe Nigro

January 1, 2018 – Milan Turn unexpected by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the speech to the nation for the New Year. The dictator and ‘Dispoto said to send a delegation of athletes to PyeongChang Olympics in neighboring South Korea: it is the first official announcement regarding the intention to attend the appointment, which will take place between February and March.

Kim also tended the olive branch by saying that the Winter Games will be “a great opportunity” for the South and wished him “success.” In his speech, ‘then he returned to the tones that are customary, proclaiming that North Korea has become a nuclear power in 2017 and declared himself in favor of an increase this year in the production of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Inevitable familiar threats to the United States ( “Nuclear power button is on my desk”). “This is a reality, not a threat,” he explained the North Korean leader, and then specify that its arsenal will be used only when there is a threat of invasion or attack. GalleriaFontana and Planker, to you the Tricolor from Mattarella Instant festive replica of neighboring South Korea’s Olympic opening. “We appreciate the fact that Kim has expressed readiness to send an Olympic delegation and propose dialogue as the fact that he recognized the need to improve inter-Korean relations,” said the government spokesman of South Korea, Park Soo-hyun, at a press conference relaunched by the local agency Yonhap.

The “success” of the Games “will contribute to stability not only on the Korean peninsula, but also in East Asia and the rest of the world,” added Park. The spokesman also noted that Seoul has always advocated dialogue with Pyongyang, regardless of “time, place and manner” if such dialogue can help restore relations and enhance regional stability. Gasport

January 16, 2019 – Milan Kevin Punter, guard Virtus Bologna CIAM THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV-BAYREUTH BOLOGNA 83-93 Virtus also passes on the field of Bayreuth and locks down the top spot in Champions League group obtaining the qualification to the Top 16, that is, the phase of the knockout matches. In Germany, the Bologna team controlled from start to finish, touching the +19 in mid third period and resist the comeback of the Germans with baskets of Punter and Taylor.

Virtus appears suddenly in control of the game, suffering just something inside the area. With the entry of Moreira, however, comes the first tear, certified by two Punter triple that arrives to 13 points at the beginning of the second quarter (20-30).

Bayreuth sees the light only when it manages to get close to the basket (26 of the first 30 points from inside the area), but the Bianconeri push on the accelerator with the double-long Qvale Kravic in the field and the Taylor blaze produces +16 ( 30-46). Touched +19 (41-60) with the usual torque Taylor-Punter, Virtus loosens the defensive tension and become lazy against the press area.

Bayreuth earns many free and falls on 55-64 with Brooks triple and 62-69 with a field goal by Mika despite the siren seven points in a row to M’Baye. The hosts become threatening to 69-74 at 6’30 “from the end, but the Virtus does not tremble: Taylor scored six points in a row, Martin steals and crushes, Punter stamping the win with two triples 1xbet real app of 78-90. Bayreuth: Thomas 17, 16 Brooks, Seiferth 14.

Bologna: Punter 22, Taylor 17, 15. M’Baye AVELLINO-MURCIA 57-63 After 7 consecutive wins between league and cup stops the Sidigas strip leaking to the big Paladelmauro group a match against the league leaders Murcia. Avellino appears to match in absolute emergency. In addition to the absence of Ndiaye and Costello (tomorrow’s return to Italy with clinical insights at Villa Stuart in Rome), Vucinic coach prefers to keep at rest precautionary Caleb Green for a muscle problem.

And to make matters worse even Nichols early in the third quarter he is forced to forfeit. With only 7 men Avellino holds blow to the end. There is D’Ercole in the starting five and just a triple captain united to that of Filloy allows Sidigas the first advantage (10-6). The Spanish also begin to hit them from long range with Kloof, Radoncic and Rojas allowing Murcia to close the lead on the first quarter 16-21.

Avellino with Sykes and Campani responds promptly with a 6-0 (22-21) with Vucinic ordering the zone defense. Murcia is in difficulty relying on the play of only Doyle, but also Avellino in attack is not precise and the first half ends a nice balance of 32-32. But for Sidigas Avellino bad luck continues to rage because after just 1’40 ” of the third quarter Irpinia remain without Nichols forced to return to the locker room for a badly bruised left ankle.

Without the rotations Sidigas no longer finds the way to the basket and made just 8 points in 10 ‘, while Murcia with a 8-0 break thanks to Rudez triple and Doyle dig the furrow closing the third quarter at 40-50. Avellino not give up and thanks to a great defense starts to recover up to -4 by 33 ‘(48-52). The Sidigas start believing in this great undertaking and a 7-0 break, signed Filloy-Young, manage to move to the -1 (57-58) at 36’15 ”.

Murcia with a triple from Rudez and free of Rojas ended the match at 57-63. To Avellino qualification to the next round always close with irpini hooked to second place from Banvit. Avellino: Sykes 15, Young and Filloy 10.

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